If you have a basement or a crawlspace you should know, if you don't already, water is always trying to get into the underground portion of your house.  This is where the sump pump and pit come into play.  That system is your only defense from flooding the next time it rains.  We recommend our 1/3 hp pump combined with the PHCC 2400 battery back up.  This system will give you the peace of mind you need if you're out at dinner or a movie the next time it rains.  Sump pumps last from 4-6 years.

Sump Pump

Our pump is a 1/3 hp with 1 1/2 discharge.  Comes with an 18 month warranty.  Any Sump pumps lasts from 4-6 years.

What's a sump pump


Don't let this happen to your house if your sump pump fails, or the power goes out and you don't have a battery backup.

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Battery Back Up

If your basement is finished and you don't have a back up, GET ONE!  If you have one add distilled water to the battery at least every 2 months.  If that always seems to be the chore you are forgetting.  You can benefit from our system as it supports a maintenance free battery (lasts 5 years) and your alarm system.  With battery back ups it all boils down to how long will the pump be able to cycle keeping you dry during a power outage.  It goes even further than the battery.  Think about what is keeping your battery healthy all these years.  The charger.  The trickle charger is what needs to be just right so it is only adding power if needed and monitoring the battery voltage.  

Battery Back-Up
PHCC 2400
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Runs a self test every 14 days to tell you if there is a problem before its raining.

Ejector Pump

Comes with a 3 year warranty

Ejector pumps are installed in situations where gravity drainage is impossible.  The pump will lift its contents to an elevation where gravity can take over.  They are typically installed for basement bathrooms, laundry rooms and/or for the floor drain next to the water heater and furnace.  If there is no bathroom you do not need a grinding ejector pump.  A standard sump/ effluent pump would be fine and cheaper.  Depending on usage any ejector pump should last anywhere from 8-12 years.  The water that goes into a properly installed ejector pit is completely under your control.  These items would be the basement bathroom, A/C, any water treatment, humidifier, and basement laundry room.  Everything else in your house should work fine.

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