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We will at least tell you the truth about your sewer.  It might not even need to be dug up.  We have the most powerful rods to open your sewer.  We want to clear your sewer, not up sell to a completely unnecessary dig, but pipes do break.  We can install an outside clean out in the yard to allow access to the sewer from the outside.  We install a clean out during most repairs just because it would be silly not to unless there is already a clean out installed. Look around your neighborhood, it's the white cap you see in the front yard.  The sewer outside the house is much larger than the sewer inside the house.  An outside clean out is the same size as the sewer allowing larger more aggressive rod heads to cut through the roots causing the blockage.  If you already have a six inch clean out we can also help you maintain it with yearly or bi-yearly maintenance. 

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We will come out and try to clear your sewer.  We pride ourselves on doing the best possible job.  However, we are only as good as the bits we can fit through your exsiting rod point, due to limited access.  If you have a properly installed outside clean out we can more than likely remove 90% or more of the roots from your sewer.  If you don't, this is the case with older homes, roots can't be completly removed and you will back up more frequently.  We recommend an outside clean out when we feel the sewer can't be properly cleared.  We send a camera down the line to inspect the line and find best place for the cleanout.

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