Water Heaters

We offer free estimates for tankless and powervent upgrades and we can have your standard water heater on the truck, if you decide not to go with the upgrade.

Heaters installed starting at $800. Call before noon, we'll install or repair your unit the same day in most areas.  6 & 10 year warranty available.

Most popular 40 and 50 gallon water heaters

40 Gallon

50 Gallon

Both powervents and tankless units are very efficient.  They are slightly expensive to make the change over at first.  Powervents and tankless require a new PVC vent run to the outside.  Once this is done its not as expensive.  Also the tankless has a 30 year life expectancy.  Plus a 12 year warranty 



Sewer Rodding and Repair

Sewer and Water

  • Rod sewers

  • Camera sewer

  • Rod any slow drain

  • Outside cleanout install

  • Broken sewer repair

  • Full sewer replacement

  • Catch basin removal

  • Shear off repair

  • Water line repair

  • Full water line replacement

  • Honest Plumbers you can trust

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Sump Pumps

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Call, Email, or Schedule Online.  We are here to service you, if you arn't using us you're paying to much.  Call us and get most pricing over the phone.

Keep scrolling to see other services we offer.  We also repair ramdom leaks.

We do pumps

Sump pump

Ejector pump

Call for over the phone pricing 

If your basement is finished and you don't have a back up, GET ONE!  If you have one and don't check then add distilled water at least every 2 months.  You can benefit from our system as it supports a maintenance free battery (lasts 5 years) and your alarm system.  With battery back ups it all boils down to how long will the pump be able to cycle keeping you dry.  It goes even further than the battery.  Think about what is keeping your battery healthy all these years.  The charger.  The trickle charger is what needs to be just right so it is only adding power if needed and monitoring the battery voltage.  

PHCC 2400 is


but do your research

Don't let this happen to your house if your sump pump fails and you dont have a battery backup

  • Ejector pumps

  • Sump pumps

  • Battery backups

  • Lift station pumps

  • Most prices quoted over the phone

Call, Email, or Schedule Online.  We are here to service you, if you arn't using us you're paying to much.  Call us and get most pricing over the phone.

We do well tanks

Do you heae your well kicking on every time you run water?  Listen for it because catching it early can save you thousands by avoiding burning up the well pump.  We use Amtrol WellxTrol and size it for the house.  Most of the time these need a complete replumb because they last so long.  If everything is working but the well tank we won't sell you anything that is not required for the installation.

We do water treatment


Water softener

(salt tank

not shown)

Iron filter

(only requires air)

The Clack WS1 is the best water treatment valve on the market today.   But what makes it such a great valve and why should you make sure you choose water treatment equipment that is equipped with this valve


  •  Handy Manual Compartment stores basic manual inside faceplate

  • Aerator on drain line cuts backwash noise by 50%

  • Full 1″ Porting minimizes pressure drop in your home.   Rated for 27 gallons per minute

  • Self Diagnostic display shows error codes for easier service

  • Built in Power Cell holds current time for 2 hours during power outage

  • Power Cell memory retains all settings (except current time) for weeks

  • Highly Efficient for low salt and water usage

  • Look ahead feature gathers information on your usage and looks ahead to ensure enough soft water is available for typical usage

  • Automatic metering counts every drop of water used and only regenerates when needed

  • One moving contact part ensures years of trouble free service

  • Double backwash to ensure media is cleaned thoroughly before and after brine cycle to minimize sodium residual

  • Built in flow meter can actually help problem solve leakage in water fixtures such as toilets

  • Top mounted injector is easily accessed for future maintenance

  • Commercial Quality Valve.   The same valve, only larger, is used in many commercial applications like restaurants, hotels and in industrial applications

  • This valve has been in use since 2000, so it is a well proven product


All of these features make the Clack WS1 a world class valve and ensure all water treatment equipment that uses this valve will provide many years of highly efficient and trouble free service!  But the best news for you as a consumer is that this valve is non proprietary, which means any water treatment dealer can get parts for it now and far into the future.

Call, Email, or Schedule Online.  We are here to service you, if you arn't using us you're paying to much.  Call us and get most pricing over the phone.